Question 241-243: How does the Universe arise?

Boat on sand The mind is outward going, and like a little child, it reaches out and grasps that which it sees in its ambit. Due ignorance of the soul (Atma) the Universe has assumed form, and the mind – like a child – reaches out for what it desires. Non-ideation – a mind that is still – has no master above it. So the Sage explains to the young Rama.

chitta: individual consciousness

chitta: chitta San. noun. the mind (the seat of understanding and awareness, of intellect and will); memory, thought, reflection; the soul, heart. It is the individual consciousness, composed of intelligence and intellect (buddhi), ego (ahamkara) and mind (manas). In Vedanta, chitta is one aspect of Universal Consciousness (chit). The world hangs on the thread of consciousness – without consciousness, there is no world.

Atma-satta The potency of Atma (the Soul).

sankalpa: ideation; modification of chitta or consciousness; idea, resolve, volition (will);

vikalpa mental agitations; errors; illusions;

atma-abhyas: spiritual discipline; spiritual endeavour

sushupti maun: the silence of the deep sleep state.

antarkarana: the inner instruments of action: mind, chitta (consciousness), intellect, ahamkaara (egoism)


Question 241: Sir, how does the chitta become quiescent or unmodified?

Answer: Ramji, the chitta becomes quiescent when a jiva lives according to the injunctions of his preceptor (guru) and the scriptures, and remains firm in his practice.

Question 242: Sir, how does one have direct realisation of the potency that exists after ego, mind, chitta and intelligence have been annihilated ?

Answer: Ramji, after the ego, mind, chitta and intelligence have been annihilated, what is sustained thereafter is the doer, the cause and the effect of everything and it permeates through everything without change. There is no object in which this potency does not permeate. This Atma-satta is cognised in everything. It is the Atma-satta (potency of Atma) that has assumed names and forms. There is nothing but That, and you should be established in it always.

Question 243: Sir, in what manner is the manifest universe that is cognised as real, annihilated ?

Answer: Ramji, your true self (your form) has assumed the form of the universe. It is because of the forgetfulness of Atma — also called ignorance – that Atma is cognised as a universe. When forgetfulness disappears, wisdom arises, and when wisdom becomes firm, the universe merges.

Ramji, the modification of consciousness or ideation is the cause of ignorance, hence you should be non-ideational. Now listen how ideation is destroyed; this envisages no pains. Keep yourself free from all ideations and errors and be firm in spiritual discipline (Atma-abhyas). Always maintain yourself in the non-ideational state and be engaged in the practice of Atma. This is the easiest of all methods.

Ramji, ideation is suffering, non-ideation is the supreme pleasure. When the ideation is directed inward — towards Atma — the expanse o the universe vanishes, but when it is directed outward, the universe is cognised to be in existence. In reality, there is nothing but Atma. When ego arises, all objects are perceived, but when ego is removed, an individual becomes a jnani – a wise one – and he congnises nothing but the Self. A wise person stays in the silence of deep sleep (sushupti maun) in Atma.


First, give up all impure impulses and cultivate the pure ones. Afterwards, try step by step to give up even these and render the mind objectless. Nirvishaya. Santhi thus attained in Effulgent, Blissful and associated with Wisdom; it is indeed the experience of the Godhead, God Himself.

The Sadhaka who wants to attain this Santhi has to constantly practise a virtuous life, overcoming all the initial obstacles. Santhi is a mountain of rock. It can stand up against the continuous floods of temptation from evil. This Prashanthi need not be sought anywhere outside: It emanates in the Anthah-Karana (the inner instruments of action) itself. It is the very basis of the urge towards liberation; it is the root of deep-grounded Dhyana; it is the pre-requisite for Nirvikalpa-Samadhi. Established in Santhi, the Reality can be known and experienced, impulses and mental waves can be stilled. Atmananda or the Bliss of Realisation of the Self is proportional to the decline of I-ness and the identification with the physical body.

Do not shape your conduct with an eye on the opinion of others. Instead, follow bravely, gladly and steadily, the sweet and pleasant promptings of your own Sathwic Manas, your own Awakened Conscience, your own Inner Self. Associate yourself with those who are richly endowed with Truth. Spend every second of your life usefully and well. If you possibly can, render service to others. Engage yourself in nursing the sick, but when thus engaged in service, do not worry about either the result, or the act of service, or the person to whom it is rendered. The service is made holy and pure if you ignore both the good and the bad, and keep on silently repeating in your heart of hearts the Manthram that appeals to you. Do not enter upon a task through momentary compulsion of some impulse, the impulse might appear very respectable, but you should not let yourself be dragged by it. You have to be always vigilant in this matter, always steadfast and strong. Prashanthi Vahini, 21

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your true self (your form) has assumed the form of the universe. It is because of the forgetfulness of Atma — also called ignorance – that Atma is cognised as a universe. When forgetfulness disappears, wisdom arises, and when wisdom becomes firm, the universe merges.


Hamsa Gayatri
Om Hamsaaya Vidmahe
Paramahamsaya Dheemahi
Tanno Hamsa Prachodayat

“May we realise Hamsa that is our own Self as the Swan. Let us meditate on that Paramahamsa, the Supreme Self. May Hamsa illumine us.”



Image Credit: Peggychoucair / Pixabay, NASA Hubble Space Telescope