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The young Rama asks, “Sir, you have proved that the entire universe is just an ideation; then what is pranayama by which a seeker is able to fly? How do the ignorant (the unwise) master pranayama, and how do the wise participate in this sport?”


prana-yama (praanaayaama). Breath control.
prana-yama -practice by breathing exercise SB 4.1.21
prana-yama -by the practice of regulating the airs within the body SB 5.20.27

siddh: Hin. siddha: San adj. accomplished; perfected, fulfilled; completed, gained; sacred; endowed with supernatural powers m. a saint, seer, a perfected one who possesses the eight supernatural powers; an ascetic or magician who has achieved power over the natural forces; one who has achieved perfection by attaining Self-knowledge; one who is perfection and being omnipotent, is itself always successful.

siddhi Hin., San. f. skill, accomplishment, personal perfection, attainment, success, fulfillment of desires; superhuman faculties that may appear on the spiritual path; full understanding; success or perfection in spiritual life. Siddhi is one of the two powers of Ganesha (siddhi-vināyaka). ‘When there is purity of mind you achieve peace, which is siddhi . . . Vināyaka is thus the Lord and ‘husband’ of Buddhi (the intellect) and Siddhi (the attainment of Self-realisation). Every human being should acquire control over the mind.’ (SSS)

siddhi-rūpa: San. adj. omnipotent, with the ability to do anything and everything, endowed with all powers.

karta: the doer of action

kundalini: Spiritual power located at the base of the spine
kudalini: a coiled female snake, the latent energy at the base of the spine

tanmatras the five tanmatras are potential elements or generic essences of sound, touch, colour, taste and smell. These are very subtle and cannot be ordinarily perceived.

antarkarana: the inner instruments of action: mind, chitta (consciousness), intellect, ahamkaara (egoism)

vyadhi: ailments

adhi-vyadhi: ailments originated by conflicts of mind

Atma-satta The potency of Atma (the Soul).


Question 246: Sir, you have proved that the entire universe is just an ideation; then what is pranayama by which a seeker is able to fly? How do the ignorant (the unwise) master pranayama, and how do the wise participate in this sport?

Answer: Ramji, those who are engaged in yoga do acquire occult powers (siddhis). With the help of these powers, they can do what they desire or reach where they please. Space, time and matter come within their control.

Question 247: Sir, what are the types of occult powers (siddhis) ?

Answer: Ramji, occult powers are of three kinds. With the help of the first one, a jiva can instantly acquire any object he desires, and with the help of the second one he can get relief from disease and suffering and achieve comfort. In the case of the third one, a desire arises that whatever action one performs must give the desired results.

Ramji, all these occult powers (siddhis) are the cause of ignorance, because he who seeks these, considers himself to be a doer (karta). A wise person acts in the opposite manner; he believes firmly that neither do I do anything, nor do I use anything.

Ramji, all these powers are acquired with the force of pranayama. Below the navel centre lies the kundalini shakti (serpent power) which lies coiled like a serpent and from which arise mind, intelligence, ego, chitta, the five subtle essences (tanmatras) and the four internal agencies (antahkaranas). Realisation of Atma, too, occurs with kundalini.

Question 248: Sir, Atma is distinct from everything. How is it manifested by kundalini?

Answer: Ramji, when a person controls the kundalini power with the practice of breath control (pranayama), all the senses come under his control and he is relieved of all ailments or troubles of mind and body (adhi and vyadhi).

Question 249 : Sir, what are adhi and vyadhi ?

Answer : Ramji, the ailments of the mind are called adhi and those of the body are called vyadhi. The arousal of ideation (sankalpa, the will) is an adhi ailment. Anxiety and despair arise from this. All these are adhi ailments. Vyadhi ailments occur due to modifications in elements and then the body suffers. An unwise person might be afflicted with both the ailments separately or simultaneously. A wise person is free from these ailments. Ramji, you should, therefore, remain free from ideations.


Another special thing about Namasmarana (repeating the name of the Lord) is this: It is possible to acquire various occult powers or siddhis through Yoga and Tapas. So there is every likelihood of the Lord being forgotten when these powers come. Blinded by this pride, a person might even let go the basic victory won by his spiritual activities. This is not the case with repeating the Divine Name, using the Rosary or Japa, and meditation; no such dangers beset those paths. These three make Prema (Love) grow in man more and more. Through Prema, Santhi is achieved. Once Santhi or Peace of Mind is achieved, all other conditions are attained automatically. Through Yoga and Tapas, extraordinary Power; through repeating the Divine Name, Japa and Meditation, extraordinary Prema – this is the difference between the two. Dhyana Vahini, 21

Ganapathi is one who gives us spiritual potency and endows us with supreme intelligence. These two are termed as siddhi and buddhi respectively. Siddhi and buddhi are described as his two consorts. As He is the adhipathi (master) of siddhi and buddhi, he is regarded as their husband in mundane terms. Vinayaka has no desire and hence there is no need for Him to have wife and children. He is worshipped by people in this country since very ancient times. There is historic evidence that the worship of Vinayaka has been in vogue even in other countries such as Thailand, Japan, Germany and the UK. Ganesh Chaturthi, 9-9-1994






Hamsa Gayatri
Om Hamsaaya Vidmahe
Paramahamsaya Dheemahi
Tanno Hamsa Prachodayat

“May we realise Hamsa that is our own Self as the Swan. Let us meditate on that Paramahamsa, the Supreme Self. May Hamsa illumine us.”



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